How to seize sales

Caption: Seizing sales. Photo: Yayimages Would you like more sales? If so, make sure you’re following these three steps! Make the most of asking for referrals Existing clients can be a great source of referrals, so make it easy for them by explaining what’s in it for the prospect. Ask your client to tell the prospect adding that you’ll be in touch. Don’t expect the prospect to contact you. Use testimonials to sell Any salesperson can extol the virtues of what they’re selling. But a testimonial f...

Innovative success: Role of fundping, revenue, time to market

  A Norwegian to US Comparative Successful global growth of ICT, Medtech, green tech/sustainability and consumer product innovations (as a result of great creative minds, research, academia and public support) can be the future for the Norwegian economy. However, sustainable growthrequires more than a product idea. It demands skillful commercialization to drive customer adoption and revenue generation. Funding ultimately comes from profitability but during the ‘startup period’, investment i...

Top tips for meeting investors

Top tips for meeting investors. Photo: Yayimages   Not every entrepreneur is fortunate enough to be able to fund their new startup and without investors we wouldn’t have nearly so many startups succeeding. If investment can make or break your startup, then choosing the right investor is crucial.   Most successful entrepreneurs who seek investment concur that the best ways to meet investors are:   1. Networking events Investors interested in your sector will attend the relevant net...

How mobile rules transparency and branding

Mobile really does rule transparency and branding. Photo: Yayimages   Mobile really does rule transparency and branding. The use of mobile devices is growing fast. Some statistics say in 2010 there were 5 billion connected devices and in 2020 there’ll be 50 billion, and as mobile shopping is also increasing with 87% of mobile users making purchases via their mobile device, this number is also likely to grow.     Not only that, but in our fast paced world of outspoken consumers wit...

How to pick the perfect partner

With the right partner, amazing things can happen. Photo: Yay Images While we may relish the freedom and independence of our entrepreneur lifestyle, there are times when we rely on someone else to bring different skills and experience to a project. Finding the right partner to work with can be a challenge says Stephen Key, Co-Founder of inventRight and Author of One Simple Idea Series. In he shares the following seven strategies to avoid making a commitment to the wrong person. ...

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