Forbes: 5 Predictions for the Freelance Economy in 2015

The freelance movement is in full swing as businesses and workers engage in more flexible, on-demand work arrangements. And while this labor transformation has been well discussed during the last year, the real question is what will the future look like? What should companies and workers expect in 2015 and how should they plan accordingly?   In some ways the future is now Forbes claims, and, based on their extensive analysis of the freelance economy, this is what they anticipate for 2015: &...

The Independent: There are now 3 billion people on the internet — and those in Denmark are best at it #shapingtheodds

Denmark is the most connected place on the internet, as the number of people getting online is quickly increasing, a UN report has said. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the branch of the UN that is tasked with looking at computer and telecommunications use, has compiled its annual report looking at the world’s most connected countries as well as the fast spread of internet use across the world. .

Gran Canaria Business Week 2015

The first #ShapingTheOdds event will be on Gran Canaria Gran Canaria Business Week is an annual event where European entrepreneurs meet to share experiences. For 2015 it will be from 2nd till 9th of January. Here is where #ShapingTheOdds will be presented for the first time. Use this opportunity to come and meet us and other resources for your startup or existing business. If you already are a successfull business and want to meet with representatives from the government to discuss which benefit...

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