How to pick the perfect partner

With the right partner, amazing things can happen. Photo: Yay Images While we may relish the freedom and independence of our entrepreneur lifestyle, there are times when we rely on someone else to bring different skills and experience to a project. Finding the right partner to work with can be a challenge says Stephen Key, Co-Founder of inventRight and Author of One Simple Idea Series. In he shares the following seven strategies to avoid making a commitment to the wrong person. ...

Silicon Valley and Oslo - What’s the Real Funding Difference?

  While Silicon Valley and Oslo share a strong passion for technological innovation with a growing desire for Norwegian entrepreneurs to achieve the dream of international success, the path to funding success is quite different in Silicon Valley. First, the good news… with the currently strong economic growth in the valley, there IS capital available and deserving startups and mature (founded 2010-2013) companies are receiving VC, institutional and angel investments.  However the key w...

Managing change through effective leadership

Kristine Maudal and Even Fossen of Brainwells Kristine Maudal and Even Fossen – founders of the leadership training company  Brainwells   and authors of the  blog  LeadershipCourageFun   – believe that great leadership is something that everyone can learn. They also recognise that it is vital for leaders to continue to evolve and adapt to changes in the working environment. ShapingTheOdds interviewed Kristine Maudal of Brainwells to find out what she thinks about ch...

Designing our lives for success

The first step is to consider what we want to change. Photo: Yay Images If we consider ‘entrepreneurship’ more than a business term and as a way of life, then it makes sense to look at how we can design our personal lives as well as our business lives for the kind of success we seek.  In , Pernille Spiers-Lopez, business leader, coach, mentor and author, shares with Carol Roth some top tips from her book Design Your Life . In her article, Roth explains that Spiers-Lopez has...

Taking charge of change

Kristine Maudal and Even Fossen – founders of Brainwells and authors of the blog LeadershipCourageFun – develop unique online programs for leaders and change makers. Based on their complementary and combined years’ experience as leaders of highly successful and high growth businesses, they now work internationally training ambitious executive teams. Their mantra is that good – and even great – leadership is what changes everything in this world. They love to share their thoughts and experiences ...

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