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What startups need to consider before forming a board of directors

​A board of directors helps oversee the activities of a company or organization. Publicly held companies have to have a board of directors, while private companies don't.That begs the question for many startups as to whether or not they need a board of directors, and if so, when? There are many reasons this is a good idea for most startups. So, for the purposes of this article, let's say you do need one.In this case, we look at what startups need to consider before forming a board of directors.B...

How to find the perfect mentor

Finding a good mentor and maintaining a strong relationship with them while in school is a resource that can hugely pay off throughout the course of your career. From helping you develop time management skills to providing unbiased feedback, mentors are a great resource who will help you grow both personally and professionally when starting off in your career. A mentor can also help your clarify your goals, increase your confidence, and give you a new perspective from someone who is experienced ...

Is an outsourced CFO the right choice for your business?

By Yair SegevYour small business is at a crossroads. You're ready to scale, but you aren't sure what your numbers are telling you about the right route that will lead to growth, and you aren't in a position to hire a full-time chief financial officer to forge the path. One very modern – and very effective – solution is to bring on an outsourced CFO.The concept of a virtual CFO is a somewhat new phenomenon, but the benefits that these experts can bring to small- and medium-sized businesses are es...

Returning to the workforce

For those treading non-traditional career paths, such as stay-at-home moms, diving into a job search after being out of the workforce for a long time is daunting. This is especially true for job seekers who don't have much professional experience to begin with.If this sounds like you, you're probably in the middle of re-assembling your resume, buying new interview clothes, and getting back into the job-seeking mindset. Not to mention, you have to prepare to compete with candidates who have been ...

These tips can help introverted entrepreneurs thrive

You're ready to start pitching your startup to potential investors, but you aren't sure how to put yourself out there due to your introverted nature. We've got myriad tips on how introverts can pitch their firms, and translated those pointers into this quick infographic.    Courtesy of Escalon Services

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