The first startup hire: Who should it be?

  Your startup is your baby. You’ve nurtured it, fed it and watched a dream become a reality. This is why your first hire is the most important hire for your startup. You’re looking for someone who is passionate, trustworthy and motivated to see your business grow. As an entrepreneur , you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. You want to make sure your personalities can co-exist together, and you want to ensure your first hire is solidly onboard with your goals and amb...

The human side of strategy (the only way to go)

Caption: The Human Side of Strategy. Photo:   The Human Side of Strategy Strategy starts with you. It must become a natural part of your everyday life and thus a part of the company’s DNA. Only then, can you start dreaming of the success that you deserve. As you know – strategy is a plan. A plan of how to reach your goals. It can be printed on paper. Or presented neatly on PowerPoint. But no matter how good your strategy and enchanting your presentations, to succeed you must ...

5 common accounting mistakes you may need to fix now

Starting a small business is loaded with exciting aspects like creative design, brainstorming ideas, and drafting prototypes – but many start-ups struggle with the financial side of business. The best way to avoid accounting issues is to correct them before they become a problem. Ignoring these common mistakes could lead to big complications. 1. Avoiding and denying a need for accounting For the business person with little financial know-how, the idea of bookkeeping may be daunting. Many startup...

KPIs of an effective social media strategy

If you're already using social media, you may be wondering how well you're doing. There are different ways to analyze your activity, depending on the specific characteristics of your digital activity. And while there are many KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to explore, some may be more relevant to your strategy than others. To get you started, here are some basic KPIs for the main indicators: Popularity Start with the basics: evaluate the general trend of your social networks by analyzing the ...

Advantages and disadvantages of the employee vs. contractor question

  Many startups choose to hire independent contractors instead of employees for certain jobs. Though this has always been the case for startups and small businesses, a recent trend of larger companies more aggressively hiring contractors has sprung up. This is especially true for companies who tend to have off-site staff. There are many advantages to hiring independent contractors as part of your staff. Two common advantages are flexibility and to close a skills gap. Some recent research fr...

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