How improving your assessments can help your hiring process

As a new startup, some of the biggest decisions you are going to make for your business are who to hire and who not to hire.Why is this so important? First, it may mean the difference between your startup succeeding, and it failing. And, second, it will play a role in determining your company culture.Because your hiring is so essential and impacts your business in so many ways, let's look at how improving your assessments can help your hiring process. What are assessments?These are pre-empl...

10 ways to relieve stress with more laughter

Whether you are a working professional, a graduate student or a busy parent, stress has a way of creeping up on us in different ways. While stress can be a good motivator at times, too much stress can lead to headaches, low energy, insomnia, and much more.One way to mitigate stress is with laughter. Laughter is a natural medicine with a variety of physical and mental health benefits including improved cardiac health, lower blood pressure, and increased endorphins. For more details on the benefit...

Why startups should offer retirement plans to their employees

Many startups and small businesses think offering their employees a 401(k) plan isn't in the cards. The budget is tight, most startups think they're too small, and they don't think they can afford the administrative care.This is no longer true. It is possible for your startup to provide a retirement savings plan, and it can be affordable.In this article, we look at why startups should offer retirement plans to their employees. You'll attract top talentYou're more likely to recruit and hire ...

Importance of estate planning for family businesses

Did you know that a huge number of family-owned businesses do not survive into the second generation (65 percent), and, on top of that, around 20 per cent fail once it reaches the third generation?The reasons for this are many and varied. Some heirs are simply not the business leaders their parents were. Others don't have the same appetite for the sector. Others might have different risk tolerance. In still other cases, family rivalries and legal issues can tear a business apart from within...

5 reasons why not providing employee training costs your startup money

With unemployment rates at record lows, many large companies are recommitting chunks of their budgets to employee training.Why? This is to increase retention rates and enable their companies to keep their best and brightest team members.Yet, small businesses and startups may find themselves reluctant to provide employee training. Let's look at five reasons why not providing employee training costs your startup money. #1: A more competitive workforceIf you want to be competitive in your chos...

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