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Valorie Kondos Field knows a lot about winning. As the longtime coach of the UCLA women's gymnastics team, she won championship after championship and has been widely acclaimed for her leadership. In this inspiring, brutally honest and, at times, gut-wrenching talk, she shares the secret to her success. Hint: it has nothing to do with "winning."  

Fake news can sway elections, tank economies and sow discord in everyday life. Data scientist Sinan Aral demystifies how and why it spreads so quickly -- citing one of the largest studies on misinformation -- and identifies five strategies to help us unweave the tangled web between true and false.

 Learn how to unlock the data within your own company to chart the smartest growth plan possible.

Michelle Obama said living by the popular mantra of "having it all" is selfish, that no one is supposed to have it all. The former US first lady told that to 200 emerging leaders from over 33 nations attending the Obama Foundation Leaders: Asia-Pacific Program in Kuala Lumpur.

Patrick Bet-David talks about 10 Conversations to Have with Parents.  

5 advantages of seeking venture capital

You're beginning a new company and as such, you're most likely looking for funding. This is where venture capital comes in.What is venture capital? It's the financing that is invested in startups. It's usually a high risk investment with the potential for unlimited growth.Most people who provide venture capital do it on an ongoing basis. In other words, that's their business. To help you decide whether or not you should seek it out, we look at the five advantages of seeking venture capital. ...

How startups can approach office design

One of the best things about starting a new business is picking out an office location and setting it all up.It solidifies your position as a growing startup and puts you on the path to success.In this article, we look at how startups can approach office design to maximize your space and the potential of your staff.Why is office design so important? One study shows that the design of your physical workplace is one of the top factors affecting employee performance and job satisfaction.Because of ...

How startups can get traction by attending trade shows

Are trade shows worth it for your startup?The answer is yes. While many businesses forgo trade shows for other forms of advertising, if you do this, you're leaving money on the table.Trade shows create an incredible opportunity for your startup to be seen. It's a great place for people to try your product and see it in person.What's more, Meeting Professionals International found there's a 40% close rate for meetings you have in person. Let's say you're selling hot tubs at a trade show – that's ...

How to turn your hobby into a successful business

Everyone has at least one hobby, whatever it might be – it could be playing video games, watching TV shows, practicing sports, going to the beach, hiking, or anything else that can help you unwind at the end of the day. Hobbies can be done alone or as a part of a group and they are extremely important for our mental health, as they make us feel happier and more relaxed.Not everybody wants to turn their hobby into a career but, for some, their passion can be a lot more than just a fun way to pass...

How surveying your employees can improve your startup

As a standard business practice, most companies survey their customers. You may have even sent surveys of your own. Businesses survey their customers to gauge customer loyalty, see how likely customers are to refer a business to family and friends, and to measure their overall satisfaction with the products and services they are using.Customer surveys provide powerful data that can help your startup improve. So, it stands to reason that asking your employees for their opinions can even further y...

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