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What is a subliminal message and how do companies use them in advertising?

Various shapes, words, or colors can make small but powerful associations between a brand and an intended meaning. Brands like Amazon or FedEx have mastered this even in just their logo. Subliminal messages are one way to create this meaningful and lasting association for customers. Subliminal messages can be used through many mediums – whether it's a TV commercial, print ad, or email campaign. It taps into a customer's subconscious mind and creates repeated exposure to form a brand meaning. Fro...

Why founders and CEOs need to delegate

Are you tempted to do everything yourself? If so, you're not alone. It's a common dilemma for startup founders and CEOs. It's easy to see why entrepreneurs would want to maintain total control of their products, their marketing, their sales, their finances, and their delivery systems, but it isn't realistic. The art of letting go and delegating can be a hard task to learn, yet it is vital to the success of your startup. Why delegate One of the most important and perhaps obvious reasons you shoul...

How to be more environmentally friendly at home

As climate talks take centre stage at just about every political event across the globe, it can become difficult to take a back seat in making changes in our own lives. There are so many avenues that are effortless to take to reduce our impact on the environment which can also save us money at the same time. If you're looking for some direction or a few ideas on how to be more environmentally friendly in your day to day life, then there are a few great tips for you listed down below. Use Smart O...

4 tips for startups looking to improve their interview process

As a startup owner, you wear many hats, and so do your employees. One of those many hats may be that of a hiring team and interviewers. Hiring is often a task that everyone must assist with on top of everything that's on their plate. To help you have the most effective recruitment and hiring process possible, check out these four tips for startups looking to improve their interview process.   #1: Prepare for the interview Many startups overlook this important first step. It's easy to do, es...

12 foods that fight stress

We lead busy lives. Cramming schedules with work, family, and other obligations leaves little room to stop and take a breather. As a result, our stress levels often go through the roof. Luckily, this infographic by Shari's Berries is here to help you destress in a way that you'll probably love! Feelings of stress are caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the body. To replenish the chemical fuel tank in your brain, it's important to eat nutritious foods that are rich with antioxidants and vitami...

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