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The success story of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

​ Sometimes we take decisions that impact the rest of our lives and change everything in an unexpected way. Susan Wojcicki, former VP of Advertising & Commerce at Google and current CEO of YouTube, knows this better than most. In 1999, she was faced with a difficult decision, and she had the courage and the foresight to take the path that would make her become "the most important woman on the Internet ." Wojcicki is a Silicon Valley native with honors in history and literature from Harvard w...

Things to consider before moving your business

​ Thinking about moving your business to the other side of town? Or, perhaps you're thinking about moving your business to a new city. With either of these scenarios, you'll run into a slew of positives as well as negatives. Let's look at some things to consider before moving your business. Employees You want to consider your employees before deciding to relocate. There's always the option of employee relocation, but as a startup you might not have the budget, or people might not want to move wi...

Achieving growth: Sales channels and partnerships

​ As many serial entrepreneurs know, revenue and customer attainment is the key to success for all companies. However, reaching and winning new customers is challenging – especially for young companies. Gaining awareness and developing trust with buyers can be costly and fraught with error. An alternative path is to develop relationships with 'channel partners'. Simply put, this is a way of reaching end customers through their relationships with trusted companies from which they are already buyi...

Is customer service automation right for your company?

​ The most important aspect of your business is the service you provide to new and current customers. In today's digital age, where everything seems to be moving to automation, we pose and answer the question, "Is customer service automation right for your company?" In other words, can you add automation for the benefit of the customer without losing the all-important human aspect? Let's look at the pros and cons. The pros of customer service automation Many people you do business with "want wha...

Eight social entrepreneurs who are changing the world

​ 'Social impact' has become one of the most popular buzzwords of the last couple of years. There has been an important change in consciousness and people are more willing to look beyond their personal gain and consider how they can make an impact with their business. There are many factors contributing this transformation, but millennials have been chosen as the main driving force behind this shift. In a World Economic Forum study , 5,000 millennials surveyed in 18 different countries indicated...

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